I retired from the Boston Fire Department after nearly 40 years of service, the last 35 as a photographer...I have seen so many things, a lot of good ones and of course some not so nice things but that is all part of the job. I worked with some of the best people one could ever work with and had some extraordinary bosses. I have also seen way to many guys pass before their time with health issues.

As more than one person has stated "its not a bad job except for the fire and smoke."

I have been lucky to have met so many outstanding photographers over the years and have been lucky to acquire a lot of their negatives and photos. Most of these images could not be re-created today. It just takes time to scan all the negatives and photos.

I have been very lucky, I have published four books, "SMOKE SHOWIN'" in 1984, "JAKES UNDER FIRE" in 1997, "WOODEN STICKS & IRON MEN" in 2000 and "FLAMES & FACES" in 2004...the first two are out of print but you can find them on Amazon...looking at the prices is good for the ego....they were fun but still a lot of work but then again it is really nice to see your work published. I had the total support of all the Fire Commissioners, the late George H. Paul, (he passed away this past year in Florida).....Leo D. Stapleton, Martin E. Pierce, Jr., and Paul A. Christian, all retired and I see them regularly ....thanks

If anyone is interested in photos please e-mail me before ordering.....thanks....

It is still the BEST JOB GOING...without a doubt....
  • Bryan Riley

    on December 12, 2021

    Great Pictures. Love the tradition of Boston and the great stories in photos..

  • Bill Chadwick

    on October 18, 2021

    I'd like to share some photos with you